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Tournament golf for players of all abilities

T The Boston Amateur Golf Society, which was established the spring of 1989, is the largest traveling tournament golf club in New England. B.A.G.S. is open to golfers of all abilities and is dedicated to providing a tournament setting for golfers who wish to compete in organized events. B.A.G.S.' members have reserved weekend-weekday tee times at some of the area's finest courses, including several private and semi-private clubs. If you like competing, or just want to play with other golfers who thoroughly love the game; B.A.G.S. is the best way to get the most out of this challenging game. B.A.G.S. has been a member club of the Massachusetts Golf Association, since 1990.   



                                       For more information on B.A.G.S., contact:     

                                Mike Gilmore - Massachusetts and New Hampshire    

                                      Office number: 617-302-2201

                                               e.-mail and contact information

                                                        Membership Application

73 The Strand

                   Mailing address is:   B.A.G.S -  P.O. Box 106 -  Quincy, Ma -  02170               




yrDick's Sporting Goods will again be an event sponsor for the '16 season along with Golf Galaxy.        wrt43rt43rt3rt